In partnership with Curve Cycling, we took our trusty Curve Kevin bikes to the Scottish Highlands to see where they could take us. The plan was simple. Catch the train to Scotland's Northeastern most point at John o' Groats and make our way back to Edinburgh for the last weekend of the Fringe Festival, 10 days and 1,200km due south. Our planned route zigzagged through the high country, jumping on and off the Highland 550 mountain bike trail and taking a few detours to the Isle of Skye and other places of important cultural & religious significance (aka whisky distilleries). Our hopes of long summer days riding through rolling hills were quickly dashed when a week-long storm set in on the second day of the ride. Despite this we still had a hell of a lot fun riding between the lochs and munros of the Scottish Highlands, and, the whisky tasted just as good in the rain.