It all started on top of the world. It was 2014 somewhere in the Himalayas. David Fletcher & Jason Stirling had just graduated from the University of Melbourne and were procrastinating from starting their 9 to 5 office jobs. Armed with two bicycles and a couple of cameras, they had set off to Northern India to ride and make a film about the highest road in the world. The only problem - they had no bloody idea how to use a camera. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, lots apparently. But after 515 gruelling kilometres and a couple of near death experiences they finally reached their destination. That day they found a passion for documenting the world through film and since then, they’ve never looked back. 7 years and a hell of a lot of hard work later, NORTHSOUTH works with some of Australia’s most prominent brands and athletes to tell their stories. They have better gear and more know-how than they did back in 2014 but the basics have remained the same - it’s still all about the story.