This is a collection of videos that we have produced for a number of different brands.

The content ranges from outdoor adventures, Olympic athletes and lifestyle brands. 

We're not you're average crew. We didn't go to film school. We learnt our craft on the road.


On the first Saturday of September every year, a bunch of brave adventurers set off from somewhere on the Australian coast to Uluru, armed only with their bikes, a lightweight sleeping bag and a couple of tools. They call it the Race to the Rock. The route is crazy. The people riding it are even crazier. And the thousands of people that tune in for 2 weeks to watch it all unfold on an online map, well, they're crazy as well.

Each year the starting location changes, but the rules stay the same. Ride the full route. No drafting and no help that others couldn't also get along the way. To give you an idea of just how tough this ride is, each year they've run the race, less than half of the field has made it to the finish line. On the entry page, they actually advise potential participants not to enter the race, such is the isolation and the difficulty of riding through Central Australia. 


Sitting inside a cosy old pub on an archipelago somewhere in the North Atlantic, we're beginning to realise that we’ve just arrived in one of the most bizarre places left on the planet. Outside the window a row of brightly coloured Viking-style huts line the street, with their distinctive grass–clad roofs catching the last rays of the day. Inside the pub, locals chatter excitedly in their strong Nordic accents and the scent of free-flowing all-malt lager fills the air. If it wasn’t for our brand new road bikes lying seemingly abandoned on the opposite side of the road you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a scene from a recent Vikings episode.


To celebrate the launch of Rapha Custom, Rapha collaborated with artists from around the world, with designs inspired by each artist’s local riding. This piece was in collaboration with Melbourne graphic designer Gregory Thorne to launch the custom kit in Australia.